Acclimatisation Of Timber

In order to produce timber mouldings and profiles to be used in any construction, the product goes through a number of processes such as sawing, kiln drying, treating, planing and cross cutting. All these processes can cause twist, warp, shrinkage and expansion of timber. It is imperative that all timber be allowed to adjust naturally to the environment in which it will be installed.

Case 1: Tongue and groove flooring manufactured at 12% moisture content is immediately installed into a new building with fresh plaster walls. For example the moisture content of the building is approx 15%. Once installed the flooring is exposed on all sides to this moist air and will expand as it draws in moisture causing lifting of the flooring if insufficient gaps have been left on the edges. As the building dries out over a period of time, the flooring dries and shrinks causing gaps ! This also happens with insufficient under floor ventilation and high water tables in winter.

Case 2: Timber cladding is installed shortly after CCA treatment (based in water i.e. high moisture content). As the cladding dries, poorly fastened nails pull out and boards cup and pull away from the wall. The exposed side of the cladding dries and shrinks at a quicker rate (exposure to sun/wind) than the inside (no sun/air movement) of the board causing excessive movement. The timber is behaving in a completely natural way.

“Sized” timber

Structural sizes are generally sold as “Sized”. These products have been planed slightly to a consistent size to allow accurate truss manufacture and exact framing of buildings. Some skip marks may occur from the planing process.

Do you sell to the public ?

Yes ! We supply everyone from small DIY customers to large contracting companies.You can purchase 1 plank or a 1000 !

Do you deliver ?

We have a dedicated delivery fleet of trucks. We deliver throughout the Cape metropole and up to Hermanus and Ysterfontein along the coast. We also do special long distance deliveries. Please enquire with our sales staff.

Do you supply hardware ?

We supply: Standard nails, ring shanked galvanised nails, posi drive wood screws, structural hanger brackets and pole hangers, stainless steel screws, hurricane clips and truss plates. We are expanding our range all the time !

Do you supply timber sealers and varnishes ?

We supply a range of timber sealers, interior varnishes and floor sealers.

Why must timber be treated ?

To prevent the spread of borer beetle and prevent rot, current building regulations require that all timber used in a building must be treated. Go to our treatment page to learn more about the different timber treatments we do.

I have my own timber – can you treat it for me ?

Yes. Timber must be clean and most importantly DRY ! Timber must be packed neatly and preferably strapped in packs. We cannot accept any liability for damage on timber given to us. (e.g. wooden sculptures)

I need to build a deck. Can you assist with correct timber sizes and spans ?

Our sales staff have standard spans for beams and can advise you on correct sizes and construction.

Do you supply plans ?

No. A draughtsman or architect would be the correct person to approach for plans. Municipalities generally require plans for any alterations or new construction.

Why should I use stainless steel decking screws ?

Yellow passivated steel posi drive screws are a fraction of the cost of stainless screws and it seems crazy to spend the extra for stainless. However, we have seen most ordinary passivated steel screws start to corrode after a year or even less. If trying to remove them for maintenance of a part of your structure the chance of the screw shearing off is high. There is also a possibility of the screw corroding to the point of snapping off while in place ! Use stainless screws on outside structures to avoid these problems.