We were established in 1990 as a sawmill supplying wet off saw products. Since then we have grown to encompass a large range of timber products.

Somerset Timbers now supplies the Cape Town and surrounding regions with timber and related products for the building and construction industry.

Our emphasis is on developing popular timber products, manufactured by ourselves, and augmenting these with bought in products to enable us to have large stocks of fast moving goods. Our strengths allow “from the mill” pricing.


We stock a full range of SABS structural timber.

We normally have 350 cubic metres in stock allowing quick supply and strive to stock all standard lengths.

Our on site processing facilities enable a range of treatments for specific uses and our Production department provides planing and profiling services.

Our stocks also include related items such as fascia, valley boards and capping.


We manufacture a wide range of pine poles from Agricultural poles, laths and droppers to specialist slabbed poles and bollards.

Our poles are used for fencing, vineyards, landscaping, pergolas, roofs and trusses.

We offer our poles in various treatments and finishes depending on customer requirements.