Massaranduba Decking

Massaranduba Decking

We stock 19x90mm 1st Grade Smooth Massaranduba decking


Massaranduba (known as “Macaranduba” in Brazil) is a very popular decking material from South America. In its natural state it is dark chocolate brown in colour and is extremely durable. It is very heavy (1100kg/m3)

It is one of 5 decking species we stock. Our other decking species are Balau, Garapa, Red Grandis and Pine.

The Massaranduba tree grows throughout Central and South America, in countries including Colombia, Suriname, French Guiana, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Guyana. The tree can reach heights of up to 40 metres and diameters of 1 metre. It has a wavy, straight, or interlocked grain and a very fine texture.Massaranduba has a class A fire rating which is the same category as steel and concrete.


The recommended span for 19mm Massaranduba decking is 450mm. A 4mm gap between boards is recommended.
It is critical that the supporting structure is correctly designed. A poor quality deck is often the result of a poorly or under designed supporting structure.


We stock top quality Stainless Steel decking screws. A 4mm drill bit is recommended for pre drilling. A 60mm length is recommended but 50mm can be used as well. A specialist countersinking bit is recommended – it is difficult to countersink correctly with an ordinary drill bit.

Galvanised steel posi screws are NOT recommended due to their relatively short life span. It is not worth the trouble of using cheap screws (e.g. ordinary chipboard screw – stainless or galvanised) on a relatively expensive product.

We stock the Easyclip system for hidden deck fastening. As Massaranduba is very stable, decking clips are a good alternative to normal screwing. A biscuit cutter is used to form the groove for the clip on each side of the deck. More info on this system can be viewed at . It is critical that the installation instructions are followed for hidden deck systems !


Massaranduba can be left untreated and it will slowly age to a distinctive greyish-silver. To retain the rich dark red, it can be oiled or stained using our Galseal deck oil. Various colours are available. This can be reapplied as necessary – a 2nd coat probably after 6 months and then yearly depending on sun exposure.

The use of varnishes is not recommended as this causes the timber to heat up excessively in hot conditions and does not allow the timber to breathe. If no oil is applied, Massaranduba will fade to a grey colour but will show very fine cracks as it dries.

Following correct installation and periodic maintenance, this decking should provide a very long lasting and beautiful deck.

Printable page for onsite use: Somerset Timbers Decking Installation with Screws

Somerset Timbers Exterior Decking Massaranduba(summarized version of this page)

A detailed Specification sheet on MASSARANDUBA timber is also available.