Pine Ceiling

Pine Ceiling

We manufacture ceiling in a stock 12x102mm size and 12x138mm on request.


Also known as “Knotty Pine Ceiling” or “Tongue and Groove Ceiling”

We manufacture our pine ceiling from top quality solid South African Radiata pine. For best appearance we do not use finger joints in our ceiling. To maintain our top quality, we do not use imported pine in our ceiling and all our ceiling is manufactured and treated by us.
Our ceiling is supplied SABS Clear Treated as per municipal regulations.
Because of this we can confidently say that we supply the best quality pine ceiling in South Africa.

Lengths are supplied from 0.9m to 4.8m in 300mm intervals. Various profiles are available such as Standard V joint, Victorian centre mould, No centre groove and square joint.

Standard 12x102mm Profile


Ceiling should be allowed to acclimatise, before installation, to the ambient moisture content of the environment in which it will be installed. Ceiling laid under corrugated iron roofs without proper attention paid to moisture control, and insulation, will shrink excessively.

Batten spacing is 500mm centre to centre recommended (up to 900mm is possible although sagging might occur between rafters)
Leave a 1 cm expansion and ventilation space round the edge of the room between the ceiling and any walls.


Fasten with 45mm panel pins secret nailed at one nail per batten per ceiling board, countersunk with a pin punch.


Due to our very high quality finish, only minimal sanding is required after installation.

Interior coatings from Rystix are highly recommended to complete the ceiling.