Rystix ArmaFloor (waterbased)


Self crosslinking polymerised acrylic emulsion with colour enhancing technologies and superb wear & tear resistance. Ideal for all timber floors, and bar counter tops, in a pretty Gloss or Matt finish. This product is specially formulated to be used under domestic conditions where a high quality long lasting finish is required, at the same time bringing out the colour of the natural wood without darkening the timber.

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Rystix Interior Armafloor is a technically advanced pure acrylic water-based
hard wearing coating for internal use. The product contains self cross-linking
technology in a one-pack system which behaves like a catalyst when drawn
into a thin even film on the surface of timber resulting in excellent wear and
scratch resistance as well as an ultra tough long lasting coating. As such, it is
highly recommended for use on high traffic areas such as wooden floors but
is also suitable for coating the internal areas of log cabins and other internal
wooden objects. Armafloor provides long lasting protection against
scratching, staining and hot objects and is also highly resistant to marking by
water and alcohol spills.
Armafloor is an ultra quick drying low odour product with minimal VOC
content. Interior Armafloor’s quick drying characteristics even at low
temperatures facilitate substantial time/cost savings. Armafloor forms a
tough wear resistant coating on the surface of the timber and is easy to
apply. The product is self-levelling and not subject to marking due to edge
line drying. The clear finish enhances the natural beauty of all wood surfaces.


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