Rystix Polyurethane Interior coating


Polyurethane based low odour tough scratch resistant solvent based fast drying universal coating for all interior woodwork – except high traffic floor areas, good lower cost alternative to higher priced alternatives. High quality base polyurethane give excellent general purpose wear and tear.

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Rystix Interior Coating is a high quality interior polyurethane coating designed
to beautify and protect interior woodwork including furniture, panelling,
doors, etc and low traffic floors (e.g. bathrooms and bedrooms). This clear
coating gives long lasting protection against scratching, staining and hot
objects and is also not marked by water or alcohol spills. As such it is
recommended for use on all interior woodwork where a tough clear coating is
required, but is not recommended for floors where high abrasion resistance is
required and in these situations Rystix Interior Armafloor should be used.
Interior Coating is a fast drying solvent based product which is low in odour.
The Interior Coating has special grain enhancing technology which enhances
the natural beauty and grain of the timber. The coating is also non-yellowing
and will not discolour which ensures that a superb clear coating finish is
achieved; bearing in mind that all timber darkens with time but the coating
will remain clear and transparent.


Rystix Interior Coating specification