Timber Treatment

Pressure treatment of timber

Timber is treated to protect against rot and insect attack.

This is a highly specialized industrial process and involves the impregnation of SABS approved chemicals under pressure into dry timber. This renders rendering the wood nutrients unpalatable to insects and uninhabitable to fungus.

We have 2 treatment plants on our premises. We pressure treat timber to the stringent SABS 1288 and SANS 10005 code which ensures correct and safe treatment of timber. We are SABS registered treaters and apply the certification mark to all our treated timber. We have been treating timber since 1996. Our plant is regularly audited to ensure compliance.

We are a member of SAWPA (South African Wood Preservers Association).  You can visit them at www.sawpa.org.za

We treat using the following chemicals: (click on link for more information)

Water based Permacure CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate)

(CCA Leaves a visible greenish tinge to timber)

Solvent based  Vacsol Azure

(This is a clear treatment for mainly interior timber)

We do not treat with creosote.

We treat timber to the following SABS classifications:

H2 Internal – low hazard: Timber framing, roof trusses, flooring, ceiling
CCA or AZURE Treatment

H3 Exterior above ground – Moderate hazard: Decking, fencing, garden furniture, gates
CCA Treatment only

H4 Ground contact – high hazard: Fencing poles, Deck support poles
CCA Treatment only