Clear Vacsol® Azure Treatment

Solvent based protection for wood products

This solvent based, non-metallic preservative is ideal for H2 class protection of dry finished wood products
ensuring their dimensional stability is retained.
Vacsol® Azure contains a combination of permethrin and azole biocides that ensure the treated wood
products are fit for all H2 end-use applications.
The formulation requires pressure/vacuum application and does not change the colour of the treated timber.

Vacsol® Azure provides protection against:

  • Insects including auger beetles (Bostrychidae), powder post Beetles (Lytidae), pinhole borers (Platypodidae) & furniture beetles (Anobiidae).
  • Termites including drywood Cryptotermes) and subterranean (Coptotermes & Schedorhinotermes) and giant termites (Mastotermes).
  • Fungal decay (including brown, white and soft rots) and fungi.

How does Vacsol® Azure work?
The actual preservative constituents are a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, permethrin, and organic azole
fungicides, Tebuconazole and Propiconazole. The solvent based treatment does not affect the
moisture content, strength, dimensions or glue bonds and hence can be done on the timber products in the
final shape and form. The pressure treatment process drives the preservative deep into the cellular structure of the
timber to provide protection against fungal decay, termites and other insects.

For what application is Vacsol® Azure suitable?
Vacsol® Azure treatment is suitable for use in H2 applications, which can be described as “interior, not
subject to moisture and above ground”.
It can be used for H3 applications, which can be described as “exterior or
subject to moisture and above ground” – provided a suitable sealer is applied to the timber to prevent moisture ingress and subsequent leaching of the product.
It is not suitable for H4 ground contact applications.

Why should I use Vacsol® Azure over other types of timber preservatives?
For certain wood products such as finger jointed, laminated or engineered products as well as mouldings,
flooring and structural timber, treatment with Vacsol® Azure preservative is he correct preservative to prevent dimensional changes of the timber during the treatment process. Vacsol® Azure is at the forefront of the modern
revolution in engineered and re-manufactured wood products.

What about the smell, is it permanent or will it disappear ?
The odour of the treatment fades substantially as the solvent evaporates. The evaporation period depends on a number of factors but should be only a matter of a few days after treatment or once the timber is separated from a pack and left in an open ventilated area. By the time the treated timber is installed in the end use situation there should be virtually no perceptible odour.

What precautions should I take when handling Vacsol® Azure?

Visit our safety page: Handling treated timber